Four-Hopper Powder Filling Machine FPF-150
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Four-Hopper Powder Filling Machine FPF-150

Dosing Range:
Product parameters
  • Dosing Range:≤2000g
  • Packing Speed:80-160cans/min
  • Packing Speed:50-90cans/min

排球的英语怎么写 Ideal Choice of Powder Container Filler -> Excellent container powder filler
Double Mode Choice: Available to switch 2 different packing modes based on different packing requirements, which are high speed and high accuracy mode.
Function express: Automatically Container Feeding -> Precision Positioning ->Container Lifting -> Vibration -> Filling -> Weighing feedback -> Sorting -> Container out
Innovative Function: With Wi-Fi function, remote control and data download system.
Superial Performance: Reliable PLC control、high precision servo system、professional auger dosing、well known weighing system、10” color touch screen and international top brand electrical hardware to ensure 24 hours production
Safety & Hygienic: Removable glass cover、safe & dust-proof. Stainless steel SUS304, meets GMP requirement.
Humanized Design: The height of dosing auger outlet can be adjusted easily by a friendly hand wheel. No tools required to replace spare parts. Reliable safety switches are settled to ensure the higher safety performance.
Easy to Clean: Semi-open hopper design, conveying platform and recycle funnel are movable under a guide piece for a certain distance for easily access and clean and dust free construction design.
Optimization Structure: Scientific design to optimize the complicated structure, easy or maintenance-free.

Specialized design for granulates or powder, widely apply in food industry, products such as milk powder, glucose powder, albumen,coffee,rice powder, milky tea powder,seasoning,etc.

Technical Specifications
Model                                                                       FPF-150
Metering Technique                                             By auger and load cell feedback
Can Feeding Technique                                      Nylon-made auger screw
Dosing Range                                                       ≤2000g
Dosing Accuracy                                                ±0.3-1%
                                                                                 (depend on product property and filling speed)
Container Type                                                    Metal can, glass bottle, plastic jar, paper bag, etc.
Container Size                                                     Φ40-80mm, H: 60-180mm(Changing cans feeding screw)
Filling Speed                                                         Max.120 cans/min
                                                                                (speed depend on shape of container, product property and filling weight)
Power Supply                                                      Single-phase 220V  50Hz , 4.2KW 
Machine Weight                                                   800 Kg
Machine Size                                                        2060L*1310W*2715Hmm