Semi-Auto Big Bag Packing Machine WVF-1050
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Semi-Auto Big Bag Packing Machine WVF-1050

Dosing Range:
Packing Speed:
Product parameters
  • Packing Speed:3-5bags/min
  • Dosing Range:10-50kg

排球的英语怎么写 Practical and Innovative Design
◇Humanized design with easy disassembly, product contact part can be separated for cleaning without tools, leaving no corner, particularly suitable for food field. Time and energy saving, it takes one man only one minute to complete the whole dismantlement without tools, much more safe and efficient.
◇Double vibration feeder controlled by inverter, fast and high accuracy.
◇Innovative clamp, leaves no powder leaking.
◇Innovative structure design makes the machine small, save you costs on installation and maintenance.
◇Excellent performance: Reliable PLC control、high-quality weighing system, international brand electrical equipments to ensure 24 hours continuous working.

◇Widely apply in food, pharmaceutical, forage and chemical industries,etc.
◇Suitable for granule and piece products such as potato chips, biscuit, peanut, coffee bean, rice, beans,rock candy,etc.

Optional Parts
◇Sewing Machine, ◇Film Sealing Machine or Nitrogen-jet vacuum-sealing Film Machine ◇Belt Conveyor ◇Dumping Device, ◇Bag Former  ◇Automatic Palletizer. ◇Automatic Bag Feeder

Technical Specifications
Model                                                                                   WVF-1050
Metering Technique                                                         By weighing
Feeding Technique                                                           Vibration Feeding
Dosing Range                                                                   10-50Kg
Dosing Accuracy                                                             ±10-30g(depend on actual product and filling speed)
Packing Speed                                                                 3-6 bags/min
Container Type                                                                Kraft bag, Plastic bag, Paper box, Cylinder, etc.
Power Supply                                                                   Single-phase 220V,  50Hz 1.8KW
Compressed Air                                                             0.6MPa
Machine Weight                                                              300Kg
Machine Size                                                                1470L*980W*2200Hmm