Bulk Bag Unloader & Auger Conveyor
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Bulk Bag Unloader & Auger Conveyor


排球的英语怎么写 www.rswfwc.com.cn ◇Accommodate Your Needs
Flexible module design makes the discharger suitable for wide applications to best accommodate your needs.

◇Cost Efficiency
Dustless operation helps you save extra cleaning cost. Integrated dust collector also help you save cost on a separate the dust-collection-device.

◇Space Efficiency
Based on the requirements of your environment and actual installation space on jobsite, our professional R&D team is able to provide the best solution to meet your needs.

Optional Parts
◇Flow-control Valve  ◇Dust Collector  ◇Outlet Conveyor ◇Dumper ◇Store Hopper ◇Weighing System

Technical Specifications
Model                                                                       BBU-A
Unloading Weight                                                 2T(Japan’s hosit HITACHI)
Max. Bag Size(mm)                                             1200L*1200W*1600H
Frame Material                                                     Stainless steel 304
Power Supply                                                       3-phase 380V 50Hz,2.0KW
Electric Chain Block Speed                             10.05m/min
Lifting Speed                                                         6.8m/min
Tray Material                                                        Stainless steel 304
Anti-bridge Model                                               Pneumatic spring extrusion(optional)
Machine Weight                                                  400kg
Machine Size                                                        3000L*1600W*5000H(mm)