Weighing Type Auger Filling Packing Machine SAF-550W2
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Weighing Type Auger Filling Packing Machine SAF-550W2

Packing Speed:
Dosing Range:
Product parameters
  • Packing Speed:3-5bags/min
  • Dosing Range:10-25kg

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Design Principles: safety, health, simple, durable, and good looking.

Hopper: Two models with economical and convenient hopper available to choose. Economical model with the cone hopper is combined to one set, only to remove the cone then can be cleaned; convenient model: with horizontal front half-open hopper, as easily open doors or windows, which makes cleaning faster and easier.

Vertical Metering screw: driven by accurate servo motor, particularly suitable for requests high accuracy, high speed and more stability occasions.

Blender Driven by Inverter: speed can be adjusted to suit different property products, to achieve the best dosing.

Innovative clamp: modularized design, optional with small clamp and big clamp, unique structure leave no dust.

Weighing Unit: compacted simple structure, highly waterproof and dustproof. Flatly outside surface for easily clean. International high-end brand for weighing system to ensure high accuracy and reliable performance.

Material: SUS304 stainless steel with waterproof motor (IP65), could be washed directly by water, meets the food industry requirements. Optional with SUS316 stainless steel.



Specialized design for granulates or powder, widely apply in food industry, products such as milk powder, glucose powder, albumen,coffee,rice powder, milky tea powder,seasoning,etc.


Optional Parts

Spinner    Closure   Dust Collector   High Pressure degasser


Technical Specifications

Model                                                        SAF-550W2

Metering Technique                               By weighing

Feeding Type                                           Auger Filling

Dosing Range                                         5kg-25kg ( changing dosing auger)

Dosing Accuracy                                    10kg-25kg ±30g

Dosing Speed                                         2bag/min (Packing weight the lighter the faster,depend on product property)

Power supply                                          3-phase 220V  50/60Hz,4.2KW

Compressed Air                                     5-6Kg/cm3

Material                                                    SUS304

Hopper Volume                                      100L(half-open)

Machine Weight                                      800 kg

Size                                                           1000L*1365W*3500Hmm